Slippery Elm for Colon Care

ImageFor centuries, people in North America have been using slippery elm as a herbal remedy for many different conditions. The plant may have an anti-inflammatory that makes it popular for treating everything from sore throats to external skin conditions to diarrhea. The red, brown or sometimes orange plants are native to North America.

Native Americans were some of the first individuals to dry the inner bark and turn it into a powder that they would add to different healing salves. These were regularly used by them for addressing boils, ulcers and burns on the skin. Current products on the market such as Complete Colon Care contain the natural ingredient to aid in promoting colon issues.

So far, it seems as though slippery elm is safe when taken orally as a natural supplement. Some people, however, may have an allergic reaction if they apply it to their skin. Due to the fiber mucilage found within the plant your body may experience a decrease in the amount of medicine it is able to absorb. So when taking Complete Colon Care, be sure not to take any other medications within an hour time-frame. This may help to avoid any issues.

You may see that slippery elm is listed as an ingredient on your cough drops. This is one of the most common forms that you will find the herb used. Despite the time-tested use of the herb, there still have not been many studies done to test the effectiveness of it for hemorrhoids or irritable bowel syndrome. Regardless, many people continue to include it as a useful natural supplement to aid in a healthy colon.

Depending on your health and age, you may find that the necessary dosage of slipper elm you require differs. This makes it even more important to follow instructions on labels and from healthcare professionals when using this as a herbal supplement.

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