Natural Relief From Allergies

It’s that time of year again: Noses are running, eyes are watery and you just can’t seem to find any relief! natural-allergy-relief-aller-calm.jpg

If you’re suffering from seasonal allergies caused by outdoor irritants or the increased amount of dander your pet is shedding, how about trying some natural non-drowsy remedies?

There are a number of products available that aid in relief from these frustrating symptoms. Many, such as Western Herbal and Nutrition’s Aller Calm, contain natural ingredients such as nettle leaf, turmeric root and ambrosia herb.

Ingredients such as nettle leaf are a great and safe addition to natural remedies for allergies. This product has an aged history of being consumed as a food and has been not been found to cause any concern when ingested by humans. It is best to consult a professional before beginning use of any natural supplements, but this is especially key for individuals taking diabetes, blood pressure or anti-inflammatory medications. Most often, dosages of pure nettle leaf are limited to 300 milligrams that are taken twice daily. When using natural remedies including the ingredient, be sure to follow suggested doses on the product label. Thirty drops of Aller Calm are suggested to be consumed one to three times daily when mixed with water.

The New Jersey Medicine School conducted a survey to see which herbs were most commonly used in natural treatments for allergies. This was done by reviewing literature from the PubMed and OVID databases. Researchers focused on studies that took place between 1980 and 2003. A number of complementary and alternative medicines showed up repeatedly in their findings. The most common herb used for treating upper respiratory tract allergies was echinacea. The research found that adverse effects to allergies were frequently found when nettle leaf was included in a natural allergy remedy. Other effective ingredients included grape seed extract, peppermint and ginseng.

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