Attention migraine sufferers

Head-Aid provides natural relief for pain and suffering from migraine headaches.Symptoms of a migraine can include everything from extreme pain to nausea to sleepiness. Most people are affected by this condition differently, but the fact is that anyone who is suffering could benefit from natural treatments to ease their reactions. Knowing what triggers your horrible headache may help you prevent them from occurring, but you may also want to consider at-home remedies.

Keeping track of what causes you to come down with a migraine is a step in the right direction. These may range from foods to your environment and emotional state. Some potential triggers to watch out for include:

  • Foods: Chocolate, sour cream, nuts, citrus fruits, alcohol and avocados are just some of the items that might trigger a terrible headache. Not all of these foods will bother every migraine sufferer, but think about what you’ve recently eaten the next time you have an attack.
  • Environment: Changes to your surroundings might be the reasoning behind your migraine. Potential causes of this may include perfumes or other strong scents and lighting that is either too dim, bright or flickering.
  • Emotions: If you are under a lot of pressure or stress at work or home, it may be what’s triggering your pain. When your body feels anxious, worried, sad or shock, there are chemicals released within the brain that may lead to a migraine.

Western Herbal and Nutrition’s Head-Aid may provide you with the necessary relief you are looking for when migraines causes you pain and suffering. However, there are other forms of all-natural at-home treatment that you may want to put to the test. WebMD recommends:

  • Taking a warm bath to relax and calm yourself
  • Using an ice pack on the back of your neck, forehead or temples to reduce pain
  • Getting a massage to relieve the stress and tension in your body
  • Napping in a low-lit room that’s quiet

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