Aller-Calm Natural Allergy Remedy

Aller-Calm Natural Allergy RemedyIf you’re suffering from allergies this season, it might seem like you just can’t win. A number of Americans are turning to natural remedies for relief from their ragweed congestion as the fall wears on.

This is the top trigger of fall allergies, causing an array of annoying symptoms for sufferers. Levels of ragweed begin to increase throughout August and often last through September and into October. As a result, those who are allergic often feel as though there is no end in sight for their coughing, sneezing and watering eyes. If you suffer from springtime allergies, there’s a good chance that ragweed will upset your comfort in the fall.

However, this is not the only trigger of symptoms for some who have fall allergies. In addition to the pollen of this weed, mold and dust can irritate people. As piles of leaves wait in yards for compost pick-up day, mold builds. These spores can easily make their way indoors by way of your shoes and clothing or pets. As for dust mites, those will often come out to cause irritation when the heat is first turned on. So, be sure to vacuum regularly and change those air filters if you think dust is the cause of your stuffed nose.

When it comes to selecting natural treatments for easing your symptoms, turn to Western Herbal and Nutrition. There are a number of all-natural products available that may help to ease the results of these fall triggers. For instance, you can add 30 drops of Aller-Calm to a glass of water one to three times daily, depending on the severity of your symptoms. Before starting any regime, be sure to talk to a health care professional.

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2 thoughts on “Aller-Calm Natural Allergy Remedy

  1. I would try Young Living Lavender and peppermint oil. I use it in a capsule and it works wonders for my allergies!

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