Three unexpected gout triggers

gout triggersThose in need of natural supplements to treat symptoms of gout may be surprised to find out what exactly is causing their suffering. For instance, aspirin can increase uric acid levels in a person’s blood – this is what crystallizes around the joints and causes pain and inflammation. Health magazine lists a few other surprising triggers of gout, including:

If your body is dehydrated, it can also increase uric acid levels. So, do what you’ve been told all along and drink eight glasses of water, or half your weight in fluid ounces, daily. This can go a long way in maintaining other areas of your health as well.

A trend in dieting currently is cleansing. This can be a great way to promote digestive health, when done right. However, some people equate a fast with a cleanse, which can be dangerous for a number of reasons. In the instance of gout, fasting causes your body to produce more ketones. These compounds compete with uric acid, which will cause your body to produce more of that as well.

Men are more likely to suffer from gout, but women also deal with the condition. As a female’s body limits the amount of estrogen being produced, uric acid levels may increase. What’s the correlation? Estrogen is one of the hormones responsible for aiding the kidneys in removing acid from the body. In most cases, it will take levels several years following the onset of menopause to increase to the point in which a gout attack takes place.

Although these are a few of the unexpected causes for gout, it’s important not to forget the main triggers. Poor diets that are rich in purines, lack of exercise and a high intake of alcohol are all key factors for boosting someone’s uric acid levels. In order to remedy the situation, sufferers should look to mitigate and manage their uric acid levels with GR-911 before, during and after an attack.

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