Natural remedies for living with gout

Natural Gout RemediesAffecting six percent of American men, gout often goes unrecognized and untreated. Men’s Health explains that gout pains can possibly be prevented by eating and drinking less of certain foods. Here are a few beverages you will want to stay away from, and a few that you should get more of:

Drink less: Beer and wine
Drinking less alcohol – no matter what variety you choose to imbibe in – can help prevent gout attacks. Most varieties of beer have high levels of purines in them, which are a key chemical that can prompt the aches and striking pains that are associated with gout. Purines are metabolized by the body and turned into uric acid. An excess of this acid causes blood to create crystals around the joints. As the joints become inflamed and swollen, a sudden severe ache occurs.

Drink less: Soda
A great complement to any slice of pizza, soda can be extremely detrimental to any individual’s ability to control their gout. Many sodas contain high levels of acid, which can cause your internal uric acid levels to increase.

Drink more: Water and fruit juice
There are many changes you can make to your daily diet if you are suffering from gout. Increasing fluid intake of water may help relieve gout, since dehydration can trigger an attack. According to WebMD, there is study that found a 40 percent reduced risk for men who drank five to eight glasses of water a day. Be sure that your diet is high in vitamin C by eating many fruits. A recent study found that cherries have particularly strong abilities to fight gout, so why not pour yourself a glass of delicious cherry juice?

What to watch for
Signs of a potential gout attack can include burning, itching or tingling to a joint area. Stiffness and joint pain may also occur before an episode. If you continually suffer from gout attacks, you will begin to know your body’s specific warning signals. If you are taking herbal supplements to help with gout pain, take it at the first warning sign. Consider applying an ice pack or cold compress to the joint to lessen the inflammation, as well, and make sure to rest the joint.

Using natural supplements such as GR-911 may help to relieve gout symptoms. Products such as this contain ingredients that might help your body to breakdown and eliminate purines without creating uric acid.

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