Natural options for allergies

Natural Allergy RemediesSpending recent 70-degree winter afternoons outside has prevented many area residents from limiting their exposure to aggravating seasonal pollens. When dealing with sneezing, a runny nose and irritated eyes, you may want to consider natural remedies.

Luckily, allergy sufferers have natural options when it comes to maintaining their health in the face of prolonged symptoms. According to WebMD stinging nettle, which was traditionally used in Scotland as an astringent and eye wash,  is an ingredient of many natural allergy remedies. Using products with this ingredient may help to alleviate allergic symptoms.

Women’s Health explains that stinging nettle works as a supplement because it contains histamine, a chemical naturally created by our bodies during an allergic reaction. The consumption the chemical allows our bodies to develop a tolerance to it, lessening our reaction. Teas and creams including stinging nettle can also be found, and may be helpful in promoting optimum health in the face of possible allergens.

Local honey is another option to consider when looking for a natural remedy. This follows the same tolerance concept. With pollens from your area present in the honey, consuming it will help your body become accustom to the agitator.

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