Women more affected by allergies and asthma than men

Allergies and asthmaAnyone who suffers from allergies knows that the arrival of wintry winds and temperatures can make this ailment become even more troublesome. Luckily there are herbal remedies you can use to treat allergy symptoms, but new research has found that one demographic is more affected than others.

According to a presentation given at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, adult women are at a higher risk of allergies, asthma and autoimmune diseases than men.

According to WebMD, before puberty, boys are more likely to suffer from these health conditions, but that changes as they become young adults.

“More prepubescent males have rhinitis, asthma and food allergy than females,” presenter Dr. Renata Engler, an allergist and ACAAI Fellow, said. “However, roles change. When females enter young adulthood, they outnumber men in these chronic illness categories.”

A statement from the ACAAI said that the gender differences with disease risk are complicated and vary with age. These findings have shown there’s a need for better understanding of how gender affects a diagnosis as well as treatment and outcomes.

“The importance of sex differences in the practice of allergy-immunology cannot be overstated,” Engler said. “Improved sex/gender based medicine and research practices will benefit men and women alike.”

The statement said that genetics also play a role in who develops allergies and asthma. If someone’s parents have one of both of these chronic diseases, their children are at an increased risk of developing these issues as well. Engler noted that these conditions affect all people differently, so it’s important to see an allergist.

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