Controlling Gout

How to control goutAs you get older health issues can become more prevalent. In particular diseases like gout that cause inflammation can become more problematic with more flare-ups. This can be a painful and uncomfortable situation that can be helped by a natural remedy.

A recent study from the Yale School of Medicine and published in the journal Cell Metabolism found that inflammation can lead to a critical loss of function throughout a person’s body and reduce their healthspan, the amount of time in life spent free of illness and disability.

“If aging is indeed a common factor for multiple diseases, the unanswered question is, can we identify the triggers of aging that cause low-level inflammation so that ‘switching off’ the trigger can slow the onset of multiple chronic diseases that are age-dependent at their onset,” lead author Vishwa Deep Dixit said in Science Daily. “Since aging affects us all, if this goal can be achieved, it is likely to significantly improve the healthspan and may also lower health care costs as the aging population increases in the U.S.”

Through the study researchers learned that the immune sensor N​lrp3 inflammasome is a common trigger of inflammation-driven loss of function. Science Daily said that as people get older, there’s an increase in age-related diseases, but scientists have not fully understood the role inflammation plays. The common knowledge, though, is that cells change with age, which can lead to the immune system producing low-level inflammation in the body.

To test their hypothesis, Dixit and his fellow researchers examined the aging process of mice that were free of disease and fed a normal diet. They learned that Nlrp3 inflammasome is activated in response to getting older. The team tested to find of if reducing Nlrp3 inflammasome lowers inflammation, and the results showed that it protects from disorders like gout. Additionally, the mice with the lowered immune sensor were less frail and could perform better.

“Now that we’ve identified this mechanism in the Nlrp3 sensor, we might be able to manipulate this immune sensor to delay, or reduce inflammation,” Dixit said. “This could lead to the possibility of prolonging healthspan, potentially leading to an old age relatively free of disease or disability.”

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