Why Topical Remedies Can’t Solve Hemorrhoids

Topical solutions by and large are ineffective for treating Haemorrhoids. The best of creams or ointments may bring some temporary relief or easing of symptoms, while some may actually make matters worse. Suppositories, medicated wipes, and even cryogenic devices may be well intended but often end up irritating this most delicate tissue. The reason is quite simple; haemorrhoids are not just a topical problem.

Many doctors treat the issue as if it was just a slight affliction that can be chased away with some steroid based cream or use of suppositories. Worse still, many doctors seem to dismiss how exceedingly painful and debilitating haemorrhoids (piles) can be. Very likely you may have discovered all this already for yourself. You would not expect a cream to completely solve Arthritic complaints, nor should you expect a cream or topical application to have long term merit for solving haemorrhoids, whether they be internal or external.

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