Why is Complete Colon Care superior for digestive support?

The internet marketplace abounds with millions of supplements some in single herb form, then there are extracts, tinctures, vitamins, minerals, and formulations using a complex of ingredients.  Yet ask yourself for all the supplements you may have taken in your life, how many have you taken and truly felt benefit?  Or, did the ‘placebo effect’ have some type of bearing on the perception of better health?  In a recent study, participants were given a Glucosamine + Chondroitin joint supplement.  The group given a placebo actually reported better results than the group actually taking the joint supplement formula.  I cited the study here to add credence to my point; how do you know a given supplement is working for you?  And… if you can’t realize benefits, maybe it is not working, or you need to try a different product.

Choosing Supplements that really work

We must concede of course that there are many supplements that have importance on health, (Selenium for heart health for example,) yet one may never really appreciate a difference in terms of well-being or energy.  Some things we may just need to take on faith.  Yet to a large degree, we at Western Herbal and Nutrition try to focus on results-driven supplements, that is to say formulations that truly work where one can appreciate the benefits in just a few days, maybe even in the first hours of embarking on a new supplement regimen.  Complete Colon Care is just one such natural product that delivers exceptional results in a short period of time.  Over the years, through testimonials, e-mail exchanges, and over the phone, many customers have referred to Complete Colon Care as a life changing product.  We have to agree.  Rarely can one find a product that is so effective and lives up to its’ billing.  Of course, we hope you agree also.

The fiber story

Numerous studies have shown Americans are generally deficient in essential dietary fiber.  The right form of fiber is as if taking a ‘stiff broom’ to the entire digestive tract.  Lack of dietary fiber may lead to pockets of matter that putrefy and can lead to broader digestive issues such as constipation or IBS.  In addition, high populations of bad bacteria can accumulate in the intestines leading to inflammation, and even diseased tissue.  The preferred remedy should not lie with fiber supplements, most of which only may bring marginal results, but with a proper and balanced diet high in whole grains and vegetables.  But, for many people who can acknowledge they have insufficient fiber intake, they may gravitate to some of the more popular fiber supplements, some of which can cause allergies, and yet others that may only work to increase intestinal discomfort.  Bran would be an example of a poor fiber source, contrary to what we were told in our youth.  It turns out that bran actually leaches vitamins, minerals and nutrients from the body.  So what is a good fiber source?  In addition to a high fiber diet, Complete Colon Care capsules represent the most superior and balanced fiber/herbal supplement you can buy.  We have never seen its’ equal, nothing that comes close.

The secret behind Complete Colon Carecomplete-colon-care-caps

The formulation behind Complete Colon Care was designed to address the most common
digestive disorders affecting Americans today.  Taking a fiber supplementonly is not the pathway to optimum digestive health.  So we at Western Herbal decided to bring a product to market that uses a fiber/herbal combination to improve digestive health starting with the
stomach, leading to small and large intestines. Most any complaints regarding impaired colon function can be addressed through using this progressive formulation.  Here are just a few of the benefits of Complete Colon Care:

  • Works with Hem-Relief to bring quicker relief from Hemorrhoids and Anal Fissures.
  • Contains pre-biotics to promote healthy, beneficial intestinal flora.
  • Improves digestion to ensure better absorption of nutrients and vitamins.
  • Works to solve any issues of irregularity such as Hard Stools, Constipation, IBS, Diarrhea, gas, bloating , and indigestion.
  • Complete Colon Care is gentle, safe to take as a daily maintenance product, and will promote healthy weight loss!
  • CCC is the most successful product ever for negating the effects of Candida overgrowth.  All symptoms of Candida are diminished with regular use.
  • This supplement works to re-establish healthy mucilage in the intestinal tract and reduce inflammation.
  • Stomach flu, digestive upset, acid reflux can all be addressed by opening up capsules and stirring into a small glass of water.
  • Never need to use laxatives, stool softeners, antacids, Imodium, or Milk of Magnesia again.
  • Symptoms of Diverticulitis, Crohns’ Disease, Spastic colon, and colitis may be reduced or eliminated with regular use.

** These statements are intended for informational purposes and should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice.  This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent and disease and has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

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Get Help For Your Hemorrhoids

There are several options for treating hemorrhoids based on the severity of the condition and your budget. If you have been diagnosed with hemorrhoids, you doctor may recommend one of the following outpatient surgery options:

  • Sclerotherapy
  • Rubber Band Ligation
  • Hemorrhoidecotomy
  • Over the counter options

Each procedure has advantages and disadvantages that may or may not be covered by your health insurance.

Rubber Band Ligation

A very common outpatient procedure for treating minor cases of hemorrhoids. Your doctor or specialist will place a small elastic band around the base of the hemorrhoid. This cuts off the blood flow and helps shrink the hemorrhoid. The process may be repeated several times over a six to eight week period. Side effects can include immediate pain or tightness, bleeding or infection.


A procedure for smaller or less severe cases of hemorrhoids that may not be treatable by Rubber Band Ligation. Your doctor will inject a hardening agent at the site. This will reduce the blood flow and ease the condition. Acute pain is possible if the injection is not done at the appropriate location


In some severe cases of hemorrhoids, your doctor may recommend surgical removal. This procedure does not typically require a hospital stay, but does require anesthesia, painkillers and a 7 to 10 day recovery period before you can get back to work.

Over the Counter Products

For many, the cost and potential side effects of these procedures is daunting and in many cases unnecessary. There are several hemorrhoid creams and suppositories available over the counter, but these products usually only address the symptoms and not the cause.

Hem-Relief for Hemorrhoids

For those looking for an inexpensive option that addresses both the cause and symptoms, we highly recommend a natural dietary supplement. Hem-Relief is a popular option that is scientifically formulated to help relieve both internal and external hemorrhoid flare-ups. Prepared from premium quality natural ingredients containing a full biochemical spectrum that insures the highest potency for effectiveness. Read More

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Constipation and Hemorrhoids

Constipation is not a popular topic that people like to talk about. However, if you’ve suffered from this problem you know it can be both painful and frustrating.
Almost everyone gets constipated at some time during his or her life. Though not usually serious, constipation can be a concern and may lead to other health problems like abdominal pain, bleeding and hemorrhoids.

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Why Topical Remedies Can’t Solve Hemorrhoids

Topical solutions by and large are ineffective for treating Haemorrhoids. The best of creams or ointments may bring some temporary relief or easing of symptoms, while some may actually make matters worse. Suppositories, medicated wipes, and even cryogenic devices may be well intended but often end up irritating this most delicate tissue. The reason is quite simple; haemorrhoids are not just a topical problem.

Many doctors treat the issue as if it was just a slight affliction that can be chased away with some steroid based cream or use of suppositories. Worse still, many doctors seem to dismiss how exceedingly painful and debilitating haemorrhoids (piles) can be. Very likely you may have discovered all this already for yourself. You would not expect a cream to completely solve Arthritic complaints, nor should you expect a cream or topical application to have long term merit for solving haemorrhoids, whether they be internal or external.

Solve Hemorrhoid Issues Naturally

Hemorrhoids Treatment OptionsHemorrhoids are an uncomfortable issue that affects millions of Americans – according to the University of Illinois, the exact number of individuals afflicted with hemorrhoids is currently unknown, due to the fact that many people develop the inflamed or enlarged veins of a hemorrhoid without noticing them. According to the source, people between the ages of 20 to 50 are those most commonly afflicted with the ailment. Continue reading “Solve Hemorrhoid Issues Naturally”

Hemorrhoids and pregnancy

Pregnancy and hemorrhoidsAccording to the College of Family Physicians of Canada, most women who suffer from hemorrhoids during pregnancy will find relief quickly after giving birth. As the length of a pregnancy increases, women are more likely to find that they have developed hemorrhoids. If you are pregnant or nursing and considering the use of natural hemorrhoids remedies, you’ll want to consult your doctor first. Continue reading “Hemorrhoids and pregnancy”

Internal v. external hemorrhoids: What’s the difference?

Whichever type of hemorrhoid and however severe it may be, it’s likely you’ll want to act quickly with natural treatments. Hem-Relief may help relieve the inflammation and swelling for both internal and external hemorrhoids. Also, you may find relief from both types by increasing fiber and fluid intake and exercising regularly. Things you’ll want to avoid include straining during a bowel movement, irritating the area by wiping too aggressively and spending too much time on the toilet because you’re reading or playing a game on your phone. The symptoms between the two may differ, so let’s explore these two types of hemorrhoids further: Continue reading “Internal v. external hemorrhoids: What’s the difference?”

FDA, NIH promote prevention, natural hemorrhoid treatments

Natural hemorrhoid preventionThe Federal Drug Administration and the National Institutes of Health recently teamed up to provide hemorrhoid sufferers with some tips on how to relieve hemorrhoid pain. Interestingly, many of the remedies that the organizations recommended were preventative and natural cures for hemorrhoids. Continue reading “FDA, NIH promote prevention, natural hemorrhoid treatments”

What causes hemorrhoids?

Pregnant women may suffer from hemorrhoids.Hemorrhoids are a painful affliction that many Americans suffer from. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, 75 percent of Americans have hemorrhoids at some point in their lifetime. As we get older, we are more likely to have to deal with these painful varicose veins. Sometimes they go away on their own, but other times, hemorrhoids can require the use of a hemorrhoids natural treatment. These can range from diet changes to including the herbal supplement Hem-Relief in your daily routine.

So, what causes the painful itching associated with hemorrhoids? There are actually many factors that may be at play. It’s not uncommon for pregnant women to develop hemorrhoids. This is due to the uterus putting pressure on different parts of the body. As the blood flow slows, veins may become swollen. Another cause of hemorrhoids during pregnancy is the body’s increase of a hormone called progesterone. This allows veins to relax, which can also lead to swelling. Pregnant women often deal with constipation as well, which can act as a trigger for hemorrhoids.

If you have a diet that is low in fiber, you may have frequent hemorrhoid issues. Since this often results in constipation, you might be straining during bowel movements. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains are all great sources of fiber to incorporate into your diet. You will also want to make sure that you are consuming at least eight glasses of fluids a day to avoid sitting on the toilet for long periods of time – another hemorrhoid trigger. Certain medical conditions such as liver disease and obesity can also result in lingering symptoms.

Have you suffered from a hemorrhoid in the past? Are you currently suffering? Stop the pain that just won’t go away without a surgical procedure. In order to strengthen the damaged tissue, use Hem-Relief as a natural remedy for your pains. You will find that this is useful for both internal and external hemorrhoids.