Study finds men and women are affected differently by migraines

MigrainesMigraine sufferers understand the pounding head pain that often can only be lessened with darkness, no noise and sleep. Some people try naturalĀ remediesĀ and others try prescriptions or alternative treatments. While many people get migraines, it turns out that people’s bodies react differently. Continue reading “Study finds men and women are affected differently by migraines”

Attention migraine sufferers

Head-Aid provides natural relief for pain and suffering from migraine headaches.Symptoms of a migraine can include everything from extreme pain to nausea to sleepiness. Most people are affected by this condition differently, but the fact is that anyone who is suffering could benefit from natural treatments to ease their reactions. Knowing what triggers your horrible headache may help you prevent them from occurring, but you may also want to consider at-home remedies. Continue reading “Attention migraine sufferers”