Constipation Can Be Controlled

Almost everyone suffers from constipation at some time during his or her life. Though not usually serious, constipation can be a concern and may lead to other health problems like abdominal pain, bleeding and hemorrhoids. However, constipation can be controlled with the following recommendations.

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Chia seeds: A Holistic Supplement

From acai berries to kale, certain fruits and veggies (as well as some lean proteins) have had major booms in popularity due to their health benefits being “discovered” by large portions of the population. With the importance of healthy digestion recently coming to the forefront of overall health, chia seeds may soon become the next holistic remedy power food to hit the market. Continue reading “Chia seeds: A Holistic Supplement”

Be proactive with colon issues

Complete Colon CareDid you know that bowel cancer is one of the most treatable if caught early enough? It’s time that more people become aware of natural treatments and symptoms associated with the disease. When it comes to changes in your lifestyle, you don’t want to assume everything is OK. If you are experiencing any of the issues listed below, it’s in your best interest to contact a doctor immediately. Continue reading “Be proactive with colon issues”

Colon care no laughing matter

Colon CareDigestive issues can be an embarrassing thing to admit to, but proper colon care is key to maintaining optimum health. According to Women’s Health, many digestive issues are a sign of larger health problems, so using proper natural colon cleansers is key. To promote regular colonoscopies, Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan, has constructed a larger-than-life colon that provides details into the importance of maintaining this organ’s vitality.

According to the Daily Tribune, the colon replica stands at 10 feet high and spans more than 20 feet long. Located in the south tower lobby of the hospital, the colon provides visuals of certain places that tumors will often develop in the colon, and what different stages of these tumors, which often develop into cancer, will look like.

With the Center for Disease and Control estimating that approximately 140,000 individuals are diagnosed with colorectal cancer every year, Beaumont Hospital officials hope that the display will prompt more area individuals to get their colons checked.

“The giant colon is definitely unique. It grabs your attention,” said Harry Wasvary, M.D., the co-director of the Colorectal Multidisciplinary Tumor Clinic. “We hope this display not only educates, but encourages those over 50 years of age to be screened regularly for colorectal cancer.”

In addition to getting regular colonoscopies, all individuals in their silver and golden years should use the all natural colon cleanses to keep themselves healthy and well. Because proper digestion is key to most bodily processes, keeping up with your digestive health can have benefits for most (if not all) of your bodily systems. Get started on the road to natural bowel and colon health today! We promise you won’t be mad you did.

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Female smokers may be putting their colon health at risk

Female smokersYour colon plays an important role in the overall health of your body. This portion of our digestive system is responsible for eliminating waste, so maintaining its health is crucial. There are a number of natural supplements and treatments you may want to consider, including Complete Colon Care. These types of products are especially useful for individuals who suffer from colon issues, such as irritable bowel syndrome. There are a number of other lifestyle changes you may want to consider if you are hoping to maintain not only your overall health, but particularly your colon health. Continue reading “Female smokers may be putting their colon health at risk”

Simple Steps to Complete Colon Care

Western Herbal reviews simple steps to complete colon care.Your colon is an important and integral part of your digestive system. The colon, or large intestine, helps remove nutrients from your food as it passes through your system. It is also a pivotal element in healthy waste removal. When the colon becomes damaged by environmental toxins, unhealthy foods and unhealthy bacteria, it can lead to a host of digestive issues, such as constipation, bloating, diarrhea and colon polyps. Take a few simple steps to ensure that you’re giving your colon the respect it deserves: Continue reading “Simple Steps to Complete Colon Care”

Basic knowledge for promoting digestive health

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Which natural hemorrhoid treatment is right for you?

Natural hemorrhoids treatments from Western HerbalIf you are suffering from hemorrhoids, you may be wondering which natural treatments are the best option for you. When purchasing one of Western Herbal and Nutrition’s products, you may want to consider the following: Continue reading “Which natural hemorrhoid treatment is right for you?”

Slippery Elm for Colon Care

ImageFor centuries, people in North America have been using slippery elm as a herbal remedy for many different conditions. The plant may have an anti-inflammatory that makes it popular for treating everything from sore throats to external skin conditions to diarrhea. The red, brown or sometimes orange plants are native to North America. Continue reading “Slippery Elm for Colon Care”