What are Herbal Supplements?

Herbals and botanicals have been used medicinally for thousands of years. Once thought of as ‘traditional medicine’ used by native or ancient cultures, herbal medicine has emerged as a popular complementary and alternative medicine, or supplement to modern medicine. The herbal market is growing steadily and herbal and botanical supplements are the leading type of complementary and alternative medicine for both adults and those under the age of 18. Continue reading “What are Herbal Supplements?”

The benefits of natural remedies

herbal remediesFor thousands of years, humans have relied on herbal remedies to treat hundreds of different illnesses and maladies. These potential methods for improving health have experienced a renaissance in recent years, with many herbs, supplements and vitamins being used daily by thousands people. However, chemicals and conventional drugs still play a large role in the developed world’s healthcare system. There are a few benefits to using natural remedies whenever it is possible and appropriate to do so.

According to HealthGuidance, herbal remedies are significantly less expensive than their more conventional counterparts. In addition to being more affordable for individuals, herbal remedies, when used widely, could play an important role in eliminating fiscal waste in the medical world.

Herbal medicines are also widely praised for their lack of side effects. Though taking supplements without moderation can certainly be dangerous, natural remedies tend to be significantly less shocking on the body than conventional drugs. Conventional medications often produce side effects that must be treated with yet another medication, doubling the cost of medical treatment to the individual (and the medical community).

Herbal Remedies also pointed out that herbal supplements can do wonders for your health, even outside of the malady that is causing you trouble. However, there are times when herbal remedies may be inappropriate. If you are facing a serious condition, you’ll want to speak with your doctor before deciding to go the natural route. Good health can be achieved when years of wisdom and modern science are both taken into account.

Western Herbal has plenty of natural products that can help you feel better in your day-to-day life. Whether you are suffering from sleep deprivation, gout, hemorrhoids or other maladies, it is a good idea to research which natural remedies might be effective at helping improve your condition.

Herbal supplements in the US: A brief introduction

Herbal supplements provide many benefits to your lifestyle.Herbal remedies have been used by people throughout the world over the years. Also called phytomedicine, natural medicinals have a much longer history of being used than conventional medicine, and is largely valued for its ability to help promote and maintain current health. Continue reading “Herbal supplements in the US: A brief introduction”

All you need to know about hemorrhoids

treatment-options-for-hemorrhoids.jpgHemorrhoids are painful and can be embarrassing to talk about, but it’s important that individuals address the issue as soon as possible. From natural supplements to lifestyle changes, there are many options for treatment that don’t involve a trip to the doctor for medical or surgical procedures. We’ve got all the information you need to know, from what causes those painful varicose veins to how you rid yourself of them. Continue reading “All you need to know about hemorrhoids”