Internal v. external hemorrhoids: What’s the difference?

Whichever type of hemorrhoid and however severe it may be, it’s likely you’ll want to act quickly with natural treatments. Hem-Relief may help relieve the inflammation and swelling for both internal and external hemorrhoids. Also, you may find relief from both types by increasing fiber and fluid intake and exercising regularly. Things you’ll want to avoid include straining during a bowel movement, irritating the area by wiping too aggressively and spending too much time on the toilet because you’re reading or playing a game on your phone. The symptoms between the two may differ, so let’s explore these two types of hemorrhoids further: Continue reading “Internal v. external hemorrhoids: What’s the difference?”

All you need to know about hemorrhoids

treatment-options-for-hemorrhoids.jpgHemorrhoids are painful and can be embarrassing to talk about, but it’s important that individuals address the issue as soon as possible. From natural supplements to lifestyle changes, there are many options for treatment that don’t involve a trip to the doctor for medical or surgical procedures. We’ve got all the information you need to know, from what causes those painful varicose veins to how you rid yourself of them. Continue reading “All you need to know about hemorrhoids”