Chia seeds: A Holistic Supplement

From acai berries to kale, certain fruits and veggies (as well as some lean proteins) have had major booms in popularity due to their health benefits being “discovered” by large portions of the population. With the importance of healthy digestion recently coming to the forefront of overall health, chia seeds may soon become the next holistic remedy power food to hit the market. Continue reading “Chia seeds: A Holistic Supplement”

Don’t Avoid Fat – Avoid Unhealthy Fat Sources

Sources of omega-3 fatty acidsAmericans have shunned fat in their diet, blaming it as the culprit for our obesity and heart disease. Unfortunately, this linear thinking of “fat makes you fat” is incomplete. In fact, the average person is 20 pounds heavier today than he or she was in 1990. Rather than focusing on fat, we need to focus on minimizing unhealthy fat sources while maximizing the many alternative healthy sources. Continue reading “Don’t Avoid Fat – Avoid Unhealthy Fat Sources”